Research Interests


I have three primary areas of research. The first is enterprise governance and the changing face of employee participation, I have been active in this area since the 1970s undertaking key empirical/comparative research  that have resulted in a large body of books, journal articles and research monographs. I have been used as a European expert in the field particularly by the ILO, European Commission, the European Foundation and SALTSA.


The second area of research has been that of work organisation, and changing labour market and employee relations. The studies here have again had both a domestic and international dimension. I have been the rapporteur on cross-national European studies for the European Foundation, led joint research of an Anglo-French nature and undertaken long-running extensive studies of the restructuring of the British banking industry.


The final research theme relates to changes in work organisation and organisational learning.  I was European Scientific Co-ordinator of a large multi-national Leonardo project on The Role of Social Partnership in the development of Human Resource Development.  Also commissioned by CEDEFOP (the EU training Agency) to edit a book on European Developments in Organisational Learning.  Founding Director  and currently Chair of the UK Work Organisation Network this is a European Commission funded network of leading work organisational academics and practitioners.


Current Funded Research includes a Knowledge Transfer Project  BANES/PCT  From the ground Up’  Developing new employee performance measures with BANES Primary Care Trust.  European Social Fund (UK Work Organisation Network  - Development of South West Learning Network and funding for research on partnership and work life balance. Undertaking  a large scale survey of Bristol City Council on Work Life Balance. 


        Previous Funded Research


ESRC/DTI  Teaching Company Scheme 2002-2004 BANES/PCT  Developing a  Learning Culture in a Primary Care Trust. Funding £96,0000 (2002-2004)


European Commission  Academic Coordinator and Lead UK Researcher: Partnership and Investment in Europe: The Role of Social Dialogue in Human Resource Development. Leonardo Project - Survey Strand, Four Nation Study. Funding   200,000 Euro. (1997 - 1999) 


French Ministry of Labour.  Industrial Relations and Innovation  in  Services; with Travail & Societe University of Paris IX. Funding approximately £20,000 (1990-1992) 


ESRC /CNRS  The Introduction and Use of New Technology in UK and French Banking Industry.  With  Phillipe Bernoux University of Lyon II Funding £85,000 (1988- 90) (University of Glasgow)


European Foundation  Role of  the Parties  concerned in  the Introduction  of  New Technology:  Phase IRapporteur for Multi-National  Research Project (1986-1988)

(University of Glasgow)


ESRC The  Development  of  Industrial Relations in the British Clearing Banks 1975-1985  (with John Eldridge and John MacInnes) Funding £60,000. (1983-86) (University of Glasgow)


British Department of Employment  Consultation  and Employee Participation Practices in 50 Scottish Enterprises.  (with John Eldridge and John MacInnes) Funding £250,000.  (1979-1984) (University of Glasgow)





SP20048 Understanding Industrial Behaviour

The module intends to give students a historically-based sociological understanding of industrial behaviour, interrogating the main competing paradigms and theories that describe industrial relationships, institutions and social structures.


SP30054 Power & Commitment in Enterprises

This module addresses some of the central recent and current debates in industrial sociology concerning power, legitimacy and authority within organisational settings.


SP30070  Social Issues in Contemporary Europe

Tthe course was intended to allow students to focus on issues of interest to them that have a distinct European dimension.


SP50075  Social and Employment Regulation in Europe.

This module introduces students to some of the current debates and directives being pursued within the EU in the social and employment realm.



Recent Publications            



(2006) Productive reflection and learning at work.  (Edited with David Boud & Peter Docherty) Routledge. (Manuscript submitted February 2005 for publication November 2005.) Sole author of two chapters and joint author of two others.


 (2003) Learning Organisations: European perspectives, theories and practices  ( with M.Kelleher & Rob Poell ) 2 Volumes.  CEDEFOP Imprint, Publication Office of the EU. Both English and French editions.  Luxemburg.


(1995) Work and Employment in Europe: A  New Convergence?  (Edited with B. Jones)  Routledge 


(1991) Agreement and Innovation: The  International  Dimension   of   Technological   Participation. (with Vittorio Di Martino)  Prentice-Hall /  Simon   Schuster.


(1991) Industrial Sociology  and Economic Crisis  Wheatsheaf Press. (with  John  Eldridge  and  John MacInnes.)


 (1985)   Just  Managing:   Authority  and  Democracy  in   British    Industry.  Open  University  Press,    Milton Keynes, (with  John  Eldridge  and  John MacInnes.)





(2003) ‘The Influence Of the European Union’  in  The Handbook of Employment Relations, Law and Practice.  (Ed) B. Towers. Kogan Page. Pp 22-41.


 (2004)’ European Perspectives on the Learning Organisation’ ( with B.Nyhan, M.Kelleher, M Tomassini & Rob Poell ) Journal of European Industrial Training. 28(1) pp 67-93.  Emerald.


(2002) ‘Women and Atypical Working in the UK: The Prospects for Positive Flexibility’ In  Labour Markets and Social Protection: Parallel or Converging Tracks? Eds,  H.Safarti.and Bonoli,G.  Ashgate. pp 353-372.



(2000) ‘The active roles of learning and social dialogue for organisational change’, in  Vocational Education, No 21 September -December 2000. pp 41–49. European Journal of CEDEFOP. Translated in four community languages. Thessaloniki. With M Kelleher.


(2000)‘ ‘Employment, employment, employment: is Europe working?’ In  Industrial Relations Journal , Vol 31 Issue 4. Autumn 2000 (33% with Michael Gold and Colin Gill.)


(1999) ‘Social Europe: National initiatives and responses.with Gill, Colin; Gold, Michael. Industrial Relations Journal, Oct/Nov 99, Vol. 30 Issue 4, p313, 17p; (33% with Michael Gold and Colin Gill.)




(2007)  Cressey, P. Gold, M. & Leonard. E.  Whatever Happened to Social Dialogue? From Partnership to Managerialism in the EU Employment Agenda.  European Journal of  Industrial Relations. Sage.



Currently Independent Academic Evaluator of the European Foundation’s Four Year Rolling Program.  In conjunction with Price Waterhouse Cooper.  Undertaking case study of the use of trend data by the four European Observatories within the Foundation. (2006-2007)


National Chair of the UK Work Organisation Network (UKWON) a ESF funded national network of British Universities and practitioners (DTI, TUC, CBI, CIPD, IPA, HSE amongst others) The network undertakes research, publication and learning activities in the area of work organisation and workplace learning. The network is is involved in numerous national and international forums and  research events.


Invited British Expert  European Foundation  Creating Common Industrial Relations Indicators across Europe.       



British Academic Correspondent  for the European Monitoring Centre on Labour Market Change. A body funded by the European Foundation to monitor changes in European labour markets. (2004 – 06)


Invited Expert and editor of volume on Productive Reflection in the Workplace for SALTSA (a joint Swedish Working Life Institute/Swedish Trade Union funded international Group) (2003-2005)


Invited Expert developing thinking and research around Sustainable Work Systems for SALTSA (a joint Swedish Working Life Institute/Swedish Trade Union funded international Group) (1999-2002)


Project Evaluator for European Commission/TUC Project.  Women and flexibility: the times of our lives.  2001.


Independent Expert commissioned by UNIFI  (Banking Trade Union).  Independent report on the benefits and drawbacks of TUC affiliation. 1997.


Elected  Member  of  Editorial  Board of Work, Employment and Society.  A Journal of the British Sociological Association. 1994 –1998.



Academic Referee

For numerous Journals and bodies including ESRC, European Commission, British Government Departments, European Foundation and the following:

·                     British Journal of Management

·                     British Journal of Industrial Relations

·                     European Journal of Industrial Relations

·                     European Journal of Social Policy

·                     Industrial Relations Journal

·                     Human Relations

·                     Human Resource Management Journal

·                     New Technology Work and Employment

·                     Work Employment and Society