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Prof. Christopher Rhys Bowen 

ERC Advanced Investigator








Prof Bowen acknowledges funding from the European Research Council under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013) / ERC GrantAgreement no. 320963 on Novel Energy Materials, Engineering Science and Integrated Systems (NEMESIS).


The aim of NEMESIS is to create new piezoelectric and ferroelectric energy harvesting systems capable of converting mechanical vibrations into electrical energy, thermal fluctuations into electrical energy, sunlight into chemical and electrical energy, and vibrations into chemical energy.


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Materials Research Centre
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath
United Kingdom
Research interests:
·         Energy harvesting materials
·         Sensor and actuator materials
·         Multifunctional ceramics and composites
·         Structural and functional ceramics
·         Nanoporous and nanostructured materials
·         Embedded actuators and sensors
·         GaN based sensors (MORGaN FP7 project)
·         Conductive ceramic sensors (MesMesh FP7 project)
·         Photo-catalysis (PCATDES FP7 project)
·         Networks and dielectric properties
·         ERC Grant Agreement no. 320963 on Novel Energy Materials, Engineering Science and Integrated Systems (NEMESIS).
Researcher ID: B-3087-2008   Google Scholar: Link
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Journal Publications (contact me if you want a paper):



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