Dr Adrian N. Evans

Academic background:

A Brief History.....

I have been at the University of Bath since September 1997 and am currently a member of the Telecommunications, Space and Radar (TSaR) Group and the Centre for Space, Atmospheric & Oceanic Science. Prior to this I was an Assistant Lecturer and then Lecturer in the Department of Production Technology, Massey University New Zealand. I claim no responsibility for the disbandment of this Department just a few months after my departure, the remains of which was institutionalised to form the Institute of Information Sciences and Technology. Stepping back in time, after completing my PhD, entitled "Spatial and Temporal Speckle Filtering for Feature Extraction in Ultrasound Images", I spent a short period of time in the Relaxation Research Group at York working on hedge detection and matching in synthetic aperture radar. Current research projects include the development of techniques for imaging of the polar ionosphere (PhD student Matt Foster) and colour image filtering and segmentation (PhD student David Gimenez). Recent work includes a Qinetiq funded project on the multi-scale texture segmentation of synthetic aperture radar images (PhD student Neil Fletcher), psychovisually optimal noise reduction (PhD student Nick Young) and efficient motion estimation (PhD student Simon Tredwell) for video coding, both supported by NDS Limited.

Current Research interests:

  • Biometrics: recognising people by the shape of their noses.
  • Colour and Multispectral Image Processing: colour edge detection; nonlinear filtering; colour image noise reduction and segmentation using scale-space sieves.
  • Motion Estimation: motion estimation and analysis of non-rigid bodies (clouds, glaciers etc), object-based motion.
  • Nonlinear Image Processing: mathematical morphological sieves, granulometric texture analysis, multivariate morphology.
  • Application Areas: remote sensing, surveillance, medical imaging and video coding.

Recent Grants:

Current PhD Students:

  • Jiangning Gao
  • Lapido Baruwa
  • Mehryar Emambakhsh
  • Matt Foster

Past PhD Students:

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